There is a boom in the fashion industry like never before. It is more than $35 billion industry, growing at 9{f94b9d438000fd54f921f84af78e8c7795bb7eb231dcd78f35c65831fdf95694} each year. And the demand for good fashion designers is growing. But are there enough good fashion designers available in the industry? Are you looking for a fine fashion designing course to be a designer?

Offered Courses

1 Year Foundation Program in Fashion Design

This course will enable students gain a better sense of design by shedding light on the different elements & principles of the subject including fashion forecasting, colour interaction & their attributes.

2 Year Advanced Program in Fashion Design

Students will learn about the major fashion capitals of the world and will explore a designer’s influence on style, creativity, history, art and technology in the world. The focus will now shift to the various components of design and construction of men’s, women’s international & Indian fashion.

3 Year Specialisation Program in Fashion Design

Student will learn how to create portfolios and how to best present their work. They will study modules like Fashion Concept and Design Development, which will help them, understand the process of creating professional fashion portfolios step by step.

2 Year Super Specialisation Program in Fashion Design

This is a 2-year practical and industry-focused program, which prepares students for the challenges of the glamorous fashion industry. Make your move towards a higher qualification, name and fame, Opt for the Super Specialisation Program in Fashion Design at London School of Trends.
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