Students will learn about the major fashion capitals of the world and will explore a designer’s influence on style, creativity, history, art and technology in the world. The focus will now shift to the various components of design and construction of men’s, women’s international & Indian fashion.

The course will then introduce students to the structure and working of the various departments in our modern day apparel industry, technical fashion sketches, draping techniques, Indian textiles and embroideries with a sneak-peek into fashion photography.

After completing our advance programme, students will be equipped to create men’s wear, women’s wear and unisex wear as per industrial standards.Their learning can help them take-up varied roles in departments like Quality Control, Production, Dispatch and Merchandise; or can lean towards the following professions:

  • Designer for men’s, women’s and unisex wear
  • Assistant merchandiser
  • Quality control or a production manager
  • Overlooking the finishing and dispatch process
  • Creating and handling documentation
  • Sampling coordinators
  • Assistants to professional designers
  • They can develop extensions to new designs of a brand
  • Freelance designers
  • Assistants to fashion illustrators

Study and Structure of Apparel Industry

Students will get knowledge about the structure of apparel industry. The study of role, function and importance of different departments of an apparel industry will form the basis of this course.

Technical Fashion Sketches

Students will learn to illustrate male and female croquis. The study of stylized croquis will form the basis of this course.

Drafting and Pattern Making

In this subject the students will learn pattern development and various draping styles for men and women.

Advance Tailoring Techniques

The study of construction of women and men clothing will form the basis of this course.

Textiles and Embroidery

Students will learn about Indian Traditional Textiles- embroideries, their motifs and techniques.

Design Process

The subject exposes the students to the various processes involved in design development and also the basics of research and their tools.

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