Joining Interior Design Courses is the new hype in the market. There has been a great rise in the real estate field. This rise was an effect of Global Interactions and increasing Industrialization on international level. This resulted in development of modern and attractive infrastructure all around the globe, which was design by great interior designer. With increased income level and global connectivity, the demand for luxury, comfort, and aesthetics in the interior have grown tremendously. And therefore, the demand for good interior designers has also shot up.

Offered Courses

1 Year Foundation Program in Interior Design

In this course, students will start with the basic principles, elements, theories & process of designing, They will learn various types of constructional details as applicable to interior spaces and will also study various types of materials and finishes used in interiors.

2 Year Advanced Program in Interior Design

In this course, students will learn interior design history focusing on various components like furniture design, interior accessories, decoration & ornamentation of spaces and finishing, which students can later use as an inspiration while designing.

3 Year Specialisation Program in Interior Design

Students will learn how to create portfolios and how to best present their work. They will be taught modules like ‘Transformable System & Spaces’ where they will study techniques and systems, which can transform spaces but do not compromise on comfort or aesthetics.The student will be introduced to Vastu & Feng Shui, which is based on traditional and spatial planning by using various kinds of methods and applications

2 Year Super Specialisation Program in Interior Design

This is a 2-year practical and industry-focused program, which prepares students for the challenges of the glamorous fashion industry. Make your move towards a higher qualification, name and fame, Opt for the Super Specialisation Program in Fashion Design at London School of Trends.

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