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INIFD Lucknow is one of the most acclaimed institutes of fashion and interior designing across the globe. Today, with collaborations with London School of Trends, INIFD is making its name far and wide. The institute aims to educate the fellow-citizens about fashion and interior designing with an inexpensive fee structure. The college offers wide ranging courses, catering to the tastes of aspirants. It is the first Fashion institute in the world to introduce digitised education. The college is well-versed in the dynamics of fashion/interior. It does not only induce the theoretical learning but also the practical skills one requires. The institute has the best qualified and trained faculty which motivates students to reach great heights. In addition to the formal courses, institute offers personality development classes to ensure the overall upgradation of the candidates. The institute offers wide ranging courses catering to the tastes of every candidate.
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Mr. Vinay Behl (Director)

The director of INIFD Lucknow is Mr.Vinay Behl. He is a keen strategist and result-oriented leader with experience in devising strategies aimed at enhancing overall organizational growth, sustained profitability of operations and improved business performance. He is also a strong organizer, motivator, team player and a decisive leader with successful track record in directing from original concept through implementation to handle diverse market dynamics. Mr.Vinay Behl had been recognized with the Center of Excellence Award for several years, he has been significantly contributing in making INIFD Lucknow as the best activity center in UP consecutively for 2 years and it is amongst the top 10 INIFD in the country. He also holds the merits of setting-up INIFD Lucknow as strong brand for its educational products in fashion and interior design education.


Fashion Design

Our international based curriculum is formulated in such a way that allows students to gain proper and meaningful knowledge in field of fashion design. INIFD LUCKNOW helps our budding designers to chose the apt field for them , whether in apparel design, styling, merchandising, marketing or management.

Interior Design

Want to become a professional interior designer? Leaving the illusion behind enter into the real and practical world of interior designing. INIFD provides students the world class education in the interiors , including the workshops by famous interior designers and the study of design theory, history, presentation skills etc helping the students to compete the world and come out with flying colours in their career.
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